Spring Plant Exchange

Spring Plant Exchange Flyer 2015The Dover Public Library will be celebrating the season with a spring plant exchange. Please come with your cuttings, extra perennials, bulbs, flowers, and vegetables to the library between April 15-18, and receive an exchange voucher from the adult services desk. All plants should be in small pot with a label listing the species with a little information about how and where it grows.

The exchange will take place on April 18th, between 11am-3pm. If you come without a plant(s) to exchange, a limited number of seedlings will also be available for patrons. Please do not bring any invasive species or weeds please! For more information call 302-736-7030 or stop by and pick up a flyer at the Dover Public Library. See you there!

Microsoft 10 and Internet Explorer

Windows-10Microsoft has been promoting their new operating system and successor to Windows 8, known as Windows 10, for the past few months. Microsoft has acknowledged that there were many mistakes upon launching Windows 8, like removing the traditional start button, and are looking rebound by making Windows 10 closer to a traditional Windows experience.

With people concerned about spending money on a new operating system because of the letdown the last time around, Windows is reportedly going to offer Windows 10 to anyone who is currently using a Windows operating system 7 or higher, including anyone who hasn’t paid for their copy of Windows. This is great news for current Windows users, because it should allow a transition to the new operating system in the early stages or after some of the kinks have been worked out after the initial launch, without the risk of losing money on a poor product.

Along with the news that Windows 10 will be made free to all current Windows users, Microsoft has also announced to reduce the role of their current browser, Internet Explorer, even more than initially planned. Originally, Internet Explorer was supposed to receive a bit of a makeover with the introduction of new technology to the browser, but now it will remain mostly unchanged from its current version. The new default browser for Windows 10 will be what is currently known as Project Spartan, which will include all of the new technology Microsoft has been working on. Internet Explorer may be featured on all machines, hidden in the background, or it could be included in specific bundles of the operating systems (i.e. for businesses).

We have previously written about our dislike of Internet Explorer because it is buggy and vastly inferior to other browsers available. Hopefully Microsoft’s new browser and operating system will be better than it’s predecessors.

Winter Reading Challenge Ends

The Winter Reading Challenge has officially ended, and it was quite the success. There was a whopping 260 reviews from January 10th until March 21st, which is roughly 50 more reviews than we had gotten for the Summer Reading Challenge! We’d like to thank all of our participants and we look forward to seeing even more participants and reviews for the challenge this upcoming summer.

Artist Alley

LOGOcomiccondoverWith the 2015 Comic Con just a few months away, we’re going to periodically showcase some of the confirmed artists, vendors, and special guests who are going to attend.

PLB Comics
PLB Comics is an independent comic book publisher proudly based on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. The core group consists of Mathew Shockley, Josh Shockley and James Dufendach, and along with their contributors, handle every aspect of comic book production from scripting and artwork to lettering and digital post-production. PLB’s titles are known for their gritty and mature themes as well as their sense of humor. PLB currently has fourteen books in print and two more in production including their titles The Fall: Vengeance and Justice, Gideon & Sebastian: Predators and Prey, as well as their yearly Halloween special. PLB is serious about forwarding the comic medium and recognizing comics as literature and as a language teaching tool, and were honored by the Friends of the Wicomico county library with the Light of Literacy award.  Be sure to bring in your own artwork as the PLB Comics team will be doing portfolio reviews!

Psychotic Parrot Press
Psychotic Parrot Press is an independent webcomic company that focuses on producing fun quality entertainment through original cartooning in a comic book format.  We currently produce a fantasy comic called Knightfall.  The first issue has been published and the second issue is near completion.

Wayward Studios
Wayward Studios is a cross-country comic making due behind the ongoing webcomics Jikoshia and Skyborne.  We have successfully crowdfunded two books, completed five 24-hour comics, spoken on panels and podcasts about our work, and helped to found the Washington DC based comics collective Square City Comics which provides a space for independent creators to give and receive feedback and share resources to break into the comics scene.

Olivia Berrier
Olivia Berrier is often clueless and always shoeless.  She left behind many footprints at Hollins University in Virginia, where she studied Creative Writing and Mathematics.  After college, her bare feet have carried her through many experiences, but her life remains anchored by writing.  Olivia writes fantasy fiction, sometimes with a mathematical inclination, and has been dropping stories like breadcrumbs across the Internet since 2007.

K. S. Brenowitz
K. S. Brenowitz, Illustrator, cartoonist, and wearer of one seriously sweet hat, K.S. Brenowitz is know for both her strikingly complex linework and twisted sense of humor.  She specializes in sci-fi, horror and fantasy.