Upgrades Are Coming – Closing Notice

upgrade-your-computer-300x214We’re pleased to announce that the Dover Public Library will be receiving an upgrade to our computer system next week! The downside to that upgrade is that the library will close at 4pm on Monday, November 28, and remain closed until 2pm on Tuesday, November 29. In addition to the closing, the library computers will remain unavailable to the public from 3pm on Monday until 9am on Thursday, December 1.

We understand it’s quite a while for us to be without computers, but the upgrade will be worth it. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Scan Old Photos with Google’s New App!

523553-google-photoscan-topGoogle has officially released a new app called, PhotoScanwhich can scan images of your old photographs and automatically upload them to your Google photo album. The straightforward design of the app is what makes it useful and user friendly. After opening the app a screen will display just like you’re camera app, only this time there are four white dots placed around the picture you want to scan. Simply place the center of the camera over each of the four dots, wait for a blue circle to appear and the dot itself to disappear. After each dot has been completed, the scan is done. Scans are treated just like a photo you’ve taken with your phone, so you can edit them in any number of ways you see fit.

With the holidays coming up shortly, I definitely plan to make use of the app while visiting family who have some great old photographs I’ve never gotten around to getting copies of. Hopefully others will easily be able to do the same.

Car Seat Safety Check

car-seat-1618515_1280Car seats seem like they should be incredibly simple to use. Place it in the car, buckle up, and go, but most people would probably be amazed at how often they aren’t installed and used correctly. If not done properly, car seats will not protect our most precious cargo! That is why anyone with a car seat should come to the Dover Library and get your car seats checked for free. This Saturday, from 10am until 1pm, Shannon Poers and Ashley Smith with Buckle-Up Buttercup will be performing safety checks to those who bring their cars to the rear parking lot of the library.

It never hurts to get a second or third pair of eyes on something as important as children’s safety, so please stop by!

Delaware Scene

descene_socialad_borderThe library here in Dover is typically a great spot to find something fun and free to do on any given day, but sometimes there are certain things we just can’t offer. For everything else that’s happening in Delaware, there’s Delaware Scene, which has recently launched a new version of their website. The website serves as a centralized location for people to check if they’re interested in different types of events taking place throughout the state. Musicals, open mic nights, museums, and much more are all featured on the site, making it the most comprehensive of any sights I’ve seen attempting to provide the same information.

With the holiday season just around the corner, or already here depending upon who you ask, make the most of your time by exploring some of the wonderful things Delaware has to offer.

Annual Halloween Mini-Con

The Delaware Anime Society and the library are teaming up for another Halloween Mini-Con this October. Events include a costume competition, as well as a pumpkin carving contest to go along with crafts, raffles, games, horror anime, an anime pinata, and more. The carving contest will require contestants to bring their own carved and lit geek pumpkin.  Pumpkins may be real or fake, but the design must be family-friendly and related to anime, sci-fi, horror, or other geek fandoms. We will not be providing pumpkins, lighting, or any carving tools, so all carving must take place prior to bringing your pumpkin in.

As always, this is a free event and it’s for ages 13+, being held on Saturday, October 22, from 11-4pm. Definitely check out and follow the Delaware Anime Society before the event.