The Nutcracker November 28th

NutcrackerThanksgiving week is usually a time filled with family, friends, and copious amounts of food.  Turkey day is a signal that the winter holiday season has begun, and is there a more fitting way to get into the holiday spirit than taking the family to see segments of The Nutcracker? We didn’t think so.

So after you’ve had turkey on Thursday and ran around town on Black Friday, bring the family to the Dover Public Library on Saturday to watch the Ballet Theater of Dover perform select pieces from the famous Nutcracker ballet.  This Tchaikovsky ballet was created in the late 19th century and may be the most widely recognized ballet in the world.  The performance will begin at 2:00pm and like all library events, admission is free. Don’t let this wonderful opportunity pass you by.

More Cupcakes!!

Lots of people came out for our Cupcake Showdown on Saturday. Children, teenagers, and adults showed off their creativity by decorating cupcakes with materials provided by the library and Redner’s Supermarket. The materials included things such as gummy dinosaurs, twizzlers, jelly beans, buttercream frosting (in different colors), etc. Some contestants chose to carefully place each item, while others elected for a more free spirited approach by placing decorations randomly placing items to see what direction it would take them.

Crafts were available on the first and third floor, which included cube crafts as well as pearler beads. The third floor also had the television show Cupcake Wars on for the duration of the event, for inspiration to those creating crafts prior to participating.

The Drunk’n Baker provided samples of their own cupcake products to library patrons, as well as giving decorating demonstrations at multiple times throughout the day. It was a great way for participants to learn about different decorating techniques from professionals.

Winners were selected by Dawn from Frankfurt Bakery & Deli, Tiffanee from Tiffanee & Co Bakery, as well as Mayor Robin Christiansen. A big thank you goes out to Dawn and Tiffanee for supplying prizes for the winners, Redner’s Supermarket for providing the supplies, The Drunk’n Baker and Mayor Christiansen for their involvement as well!


lg11052015163700_1I’ve always been impressed with the creations from various competitive food competitions. Many of the creators have a tremendous ability to create some amazing works of art with the simplest of ingredients and resources. Ever wonder if you could do it completely different or even better? Then go ahead and throw your hat in the ring at our Cupcake Showdown on November 14th!

Like in most food competitions, competitors will be given a time constraint (15 minutes) to create their own cupcake design using supplies that the library will provide. Prizes will be awarded for Best Overall Design and Most Creative Use of Materials. There will be a baker from Drunk’n Baker on hand to give a decorating demonstration as well, so don’t be shy even if it’s your first time attempting something like this.

The competition will take place between 11am and 1pm, with prizes being awarded at 1:30pm.  It is open to all ages and cupcake themed crafts will be available in the Children’s program room and Teen Loft from 11am until 2pm.

Community Group of the Year

delaware-innovation1-e1444158285995Delaware Libraries have been nominated to the “Community Group of the Year” category for the Delaware Innovation Awards. After public nominations, the Delaware team creates a list of all the nominees so that they can be voted on by the community. Candidates may be nominated in multiple years and for different categories, however, they cannot win the same category more than once.

The libraries do a tremendous job reaching out to the community in an attempt to get them more involved with technology. Our libraries have been on the forefront of presenting new tech through the use of inspiration spaces, different programming, and even in everyday support of people’s personal devices and publicly available ones. Green screens, 3D printers, design software, gaming, and apps are just a few of the ways that our libraries have been demonstrating and providing accessible technology to our communities.

Voting for the awards will be open until Friday, November 13. Show your support of technology and innovation by casting your vote today. Winners will be announced on Friday, November 20 at the Delaware Innovation Week closing party.

Banned Books Week

21220903064_03e5bfb3ee_oIt’s crazy that in 2015 people are still challenging books in an attempt to have them removed or restricted in our public libraries and educational institutions. Over the years there has been an incredible amount of books that have been challenged, many of which have gone on to become some of the most popular classics. If you’ve ever read John Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men, Jack London’s Call of the Wild, J.D. Salinger’s The Catcher in the Rye, or even J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter books, you’ve read one of these books and might not have known that they were once targeted to be banned for one reason or another.

Banned Books Week is an attempt to promote awareness of these challenges that have been made to libraries and celebrates freedom of speech. People have the right to choose what material is best suited for them, but not what is best suited for others and shouldn’t make an attempt to limit what others may want to read. By promoting these banned books hopefully people will come to learn how dangerous banning or restricting materials can be, and be willing to help protect the rights others have to have access to these materials in the future.

One of the ways in which the Delaware libraries have attempted to bring banned books to the forefront of discussion is to have displays that draw attention to these books. Currently on Flickr, there’s a photo album that highlights the different creative ways each library has shown support throughout the week. Go ahead, take a look, and stop in at your local library to ask learn more about it.